Documentation: Hatred of Jews - Under Life after October 7

Following the brutal massacre by the terrorist group Hamas, anti-Semitism has reached a new level, including in Germany: arson attacks on synagogues, Star of David markings on front doors, and "Fuck off" chants at German universities. Over the past three months, Kontraste has accompanied four German Jews in their fight against hatred.

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Lecture: From National Socialism to hatred of Israel: the persistence of anti-Zionism and the extermination campaign of October 7

An event as part of the Action Weeks against Anti-Semitism at Freie Universität Berlin in cooperation with the university group Chaverim@FU.

Lecture by Stephan Grigat, Professor of Theories and Criticism of Anti-Semitism at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences North Rhine-Westphalia and Director of the Center for Anti-Semitism and Racism Studies (CARS) in Aachen


Book presentation: 

"1948: The first Arab-Israeli war" by Benny Morris

A joint event of the Society for Critical Education (GfkB), Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin (MFFB), and the university group Chaverim@FU with the support of OSI students as part of the Action Weeks against Anti-Semitism at Freie Universität Berlin with Nora Pester, Jörg Rensmann and Andreas Stahl.

In his monograph "1948: The First Arab-Israeli War", Benny Morris sheds light on the background and events that led to the end of the British Mandate in Palestine, the fragmentation of Arab-Palestinian society, and ultimately, the birth of the State of Israel. The focus is on the immediate reaction to the state's founding: The pan-Arab war of aggression. Morris' meticulous analysis of the Israeli and international archives, accessible since the 1980s, provides a clear, documentary view of the often mythologized history of the 1948 war and its political and military actors. This book, published for the first time in German, thus provides much-needed historical clarification to counter the debates about Israel and Palestine, Zionism, and expulsion, which are so full of resentment and forgetfulness of history.