Safer space for Jewish students at the FU Berlin in cooperation with OFEK e.V. and Chaverim@FU

Anti-Semitic cases of violence and discrimination in the context of higher education affect Jewish students in many ways. The associated threats and insecurities compound the devastating consequences of the terrorist attack on Israel and the war, as well as existing (transgenerational) experiences of antisemitism in the Jewish community.

The OFEK e.V. counseling center is working with the FU Berlin to develop and implement interdisciplinary awareness-raising and counseling formats for Jewish students and university employees. In cooperation with Chaverim@FU, the empowerment offer for Jewish students initially aims to encourage the exchange of experiences and to explore possible courses of action in the event of incidents.

We want to support students at Freie Universität Berlin and offer a space to meet safely and share our experiences.
It is important because of the increasing anti-Semitic incidents at universities and the ongoing global tensions. Together with OFEK e.V., we are therefore offering digital Safer Space meetings moderated by experienced professionals. These meetings should create a safe space for dialog and advice and help participants develop strategies to deal with anti-Semitic incidents.

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Relatives of the Hamas hostages ask for help

On 7 October 2023, the terrorist organization Hamas attacked Israel. Since then, kidnapped hostages have been held by Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Relatives have now made a desperate appeal to Germany.
With a spectacular leaflet campaign in Berlin, relatives of the Israeli hostages abducted by the terrorist organization Hamas have reminded people of the fate of their loved ones: from a balloon in the middle of the capital on Monday; they dropped hundreds of pictures of the hostages from a height of 150 meters with the demand "Bring them home". Their hope: the German government should use its diplomatic channels to increase the pressure on Qatar and, thus, indirectly on Hamas to release the remaining 130 or so people.

With the support of activists from the Jewish Student Union, MAKKABI Germany, and the FU university group Chaverim, they dropped hundreds of flyers with pictures of the hostages from a height of 150 meters from the World Balloon in the middle of the capital on 8 April 2024, demanding: "Bring them home."



The #WeRemember campaign of the World Jewish Congress for International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27 occurs annually. Every year, it starts on January 20 and ends on January 27. The campaign calls on people, educational institutions, schools, universities, political institutions, companies, and sports clubs worldwide to post photos on social media holding a poster with the words "#WeRemember."
The posted pictures will be displayed in Auschwitz-Birkenau on January 26 and 27. They are a sign of international remembrance of the liberation of the concentration camp and a reminder to take a permanent and active stand against anti-Semitism, genocide, hatred, and xenophobia.


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Please sign this petition as a sign against anti-Semitism at Freie Universität Berlin and for its consistent punishment.

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Bring them home NOW!

More than 100 days!

Please support this initiative of the hostages' families.

  • Liri Albag, 18
  • Ravid Katz, 51
  • Loren Dafna Garcovich, 47
  • Eliya Cohen, 27
  • Omer Shem Tov, 21
  • und so viele mehr…
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