Social media is excellent for connecting, sharing information and exchanging ideas. It is essential to adhere to a few rules to ensure this remains pleasant and respectful for everyone involved.

Respectful tone
The most crucial rule in social media is to use a respectful tone. Insults, hate speech and discrimination of any kind are not tolerated. Personal attacks or insults based on characteristics are also not acceptable.

Topic reference
When commenting on posts, referring to the topic in question is essential. Comments that do not relate to the topic or are off-topic can be disruptive.

When sharing other people's content, it is important to respect copyright. No images, videos, or texts may be used without the copyright holder's consent.

Data protection
It is essential to be careful when sharing personal data. Protect your privacy and do not share data that others could misuse.

Unwanted advertising is not welcome on social media. Therefore, avoid advertising your own or other people's products or services.

You are responsible for all content that you publish on social media. Therefore, remember that your posts can be read and evaluated by others.


If you violate netiquette, your comments may be deleted, or you may be blocked. This is necessary to protect other users and ensure the platform's smooth operation.

Here are some examples of breaches of netiquette that can lead to deletion or blocking:

  • Insults, hate speech and discrimination of any kind
  • Personal attacks or insults based on characteristics associated with a particular gender
  • Comments that are off-topic or inappropriate
  • Sharing other people's content without their consent
  • Sharing personal data that others could misuse
  • Advertising that is considered undesirable by others

To avoid having your comments deleted or being blocked, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Be respectful and friendly, even if you disagree.
  • Listen to others and try to understand their arguments.
  • Avoid personal attacks and insults.
  • Remain objective and discuss constructively.
  • Watch your tone of voice.

Remember that behind every person is a human being.
If you are still determining whether a comment or behavior violates netiquette, it is always better to avoid it.

With consideration and respect, social media can be a pleasant place for everyone. Follow the rules above, and you will help ensure that social media remains a friendly and constructive environment.